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Manjushri Tibetan Temple ( The temple of wisdom and fine arts) is situated  next to His Holiness Dalai Lama residence, in Thardoling, Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala.  It is a non profit foundation run by the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art.

It serves as a primary locus for the generation, survival and preservation of Tibetan Buddhist Culture with the aim to preserve and practice the Teachings of the Buddha;  representing a pure environment of Buddha;  inspiring inner and outer peace, devoting  time and energy to a way to help the community as a whole.  

It is dedicated to all mothers of the world because mothers  represent love, self-sacrifice, and compassion. It is a residence of monks and nuns as a centre of Buddhist works and practices, as a centre for Buddhist learnings, teachings and philosophy, as a centre of refuge for the lay practitioners, respecting and honouring  all people’s inherent rights and cultures, of no bounds, no race, no religion, no caste and no creed. 


There are some important etiquette practices to consider when entering the temple:

  • Remove shoes and leave them outside the main worship precinct. Hats should  be removed too.
  • Show respect towards sacred images and objects by not touching  them or pointing at such images.
  • Remove shoes and leave them outside the main worship precinct.
  • All parts of the body between the shoulders and knees should be covered as a sign of respect.
  • Photography is usually permitted at the end of a session but not during a ritual or teaching (How ever this can be requested).
  • Do not step or stand on the threshold of the temple door when entering or leaving. Instead, step over the threshold.
  • Do not turn your back on a statue of the Buddha. Rather, take a few steps backwards before turning your back.
  • If sitting in a meditation hall or temple, do not have your feet pointing towards a statue of a buddha or bodhisattva.

We have physically realized the temple and we are still working in it to install statues of the Buddhas, complete the altar, and make the whole space as traditional as should be and as planned.  As I have  informed you all lately, we had expenses on the transformation of my family house into a Buddhist temple at the cost of $10,000 including the new Statues or Manjushri and Green Tara which you may have attached.  We still need to install statues.  According to our calculations in brief, we shall need approx.  $300 – $500 per month to cover the cost of the building maintenance, food provision for the sangha (monks and nuns) Tibetan Buddhist educational activities for young monks and nuns.

Please kindly support this project I have initiated with my sister Tsering Dolma la.  Any of your friends that could potentially support this project and any of you individually or through any organisations would be very much appreciated. 

Here We have payment methods through our Museum Website link, Please use the link to contribute for the growth of this Tibetan Temple of ” Manjushri” the Buddha of pure wisdom and Fine Art. 

– lama Tashi Norbu 



Tibet House Holland Foundation “T.H.H.”, Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art ‘or also known as MOCTA’ are a ‘cultural ANBI’. An ANBI is an institution for general benefit. An institution can only be an ANBI if it is at least 90% committed to public benefit.

Tibet House Holland
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Hoofdstraat 16c (Former Noorder Dierenpark Emmen, Rensenpark)
7811 EP Emmen

The Museum is situated in the Rensenpark, the public park of emmen, to be reached from the city centre or any side entrance. Access to this park is free.

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The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday 
from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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We are easily accessible by public transport, bicycle or car.

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We are accessible for everyone, regardless of background, age or disablity.


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Plan your visit

- Opening hours:   Wed to Sun 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Closed on the following days: 27 April Kings day, 1e Eastern day, 1e Pinksterdag, Ascension Day, 25/26 - 31 December, 1 Januari

We thank you for visiting and we hope to welcome you in our wonderful museum.

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