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A blend of Traditional


Contemporary Tibetan Art

Museum manages its collection by registering and describing everything that falls under it. It carries out this on the basis of its collection plan according to the Ethical codes, following guidelines for the disposal of Museum objects. It  conserves, researches and presents the collection which has already been proven to be a platform for artistic and cultural activities nor only between Tibetan Artists and Public but Between Tibetan Artist in the world and Western Artist, interested in Tibet, its story.

The core collection has examples of different art media such as paintings, sculptures and photographs. – The core collection is made up of diverse artists that are Tibetan or have Tibet as their subject, therefore individual styles are represented. – The subcollection of artifacts is an asset to the core collection as it gives context to the subjects used in the contemporary artworks. – The ensemble of the family altar is quite complete and gives an example of the religion practice that are performed by Tibetans as well as a showcase that Tibetan artists grew up with. – The sub collection of the Dalai Lama scrolls, supports the core collection by providing more insight into the culture and religion that Tibetan artists grew up in, and the Tibetan world together with the Western world follow and respect. – The collection has a presentation of the Art consisting of paintings and sculptures of Ven Tashi Norbu. At the same time there is a presentation of 30 Tibetan Artists. Besides, there are Art works in the permanent collection which are stored, belonging to Western Artists.


Core Collection

Part of our collection currently in the museum. 

Tibetan Artists in Diaspora

  • Paintings and sculptures by the Artist Tashi Norbu (Museum Founder)
  • Series of Artworks “My identity” Gonkar Gyatso
  • Digital Artworks by Tenzin Rigdlol
  • Artworks by Losang Gyatso, Nwang Jordan, Konchok Rinchen, Rabkar Wangchuk, Sonam Dolma Brauen, Tsering Wangchuk, Tulky Yeshi Rinponche, Tulku Jamyang.

Gendun Choephel Artists' Guild Gallery

Metal Plate Artprints of the Tibetan Artists from Tibet and Lhasa for showcase, education and reseach.
  • Anu Shelka, Jangyung, Jhamsanag, Kaltse Nortse, Penpa, Yak Tseten, Zhungde

Botsun Artists' Space Gallery

Metal Plate Artprints of the Tibetan Artists from Tibet and Lhasa for showcase, education and reseach.
  • Ama Dangtsen, Bhuchung, Chentsai Langchen, Nor Nor, Phurbu, Tashi Phuntsok, Tashi Norbu (Tibet), Tsultrin, Tsering Nyendak.

Traditional Thangka paintings

Thangka painting by unknown Tibetan Artists……
  • Banners of His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet with photography exhibition related to his refuge to India in 1959 and his life in the west up to now. Granted from Tibet Museum in India/Dharamsala, the private office of HH Dalai Lama – Government in Exile.
  • Tibetan Family Altar with statues of Tibetan deities and Buddhist masters
  • Traditional Statues of bronze and iron presenting Buddhist deities 19th Century
  • Tibetan objects for performing rituals
  • Tibetan traditional musical instruments
  • Tibetan miniature sculptures and decorating miniatures made out of iron
  • Cabinetries and rugs
  • Traditional Tibetan house objects
  • Decorative objects from Tibet
  • Decorative objects from Tibetan home in Bhutan
  • Ornaments from Tibet and semi-precious bracelets and necklaces
  • Semi-precious stones from Tibet
  • Publications 50×50 presenting Tibetan Thangka paintings
  • Clothing of Lamas, traditional Tibetan dresses and Surreys
  • Ancient metal or wooden molds for printing scriptures

Western Artists Artworks on Tibetan Art

  • Arts by Leela Skitsa -Paintings on Silk
  • Luise Burnet Munoz – art craft
  • Valerie lebeau – painting & collage on canvas


Archives by Western photographers Bryan Liptzin USA, Tobias Stokhof NL and others

Video Art

  • Drentse Musea Platform Video
  • Art documentary about the Founder;s life Artist Ven Tashi Norbu by Misha Belien
  • Dutch filmmaker Tobias Stokhol


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Closed on the following days: 27 April Kings day, 1e Eastern day, 1e Pinksterdag, Ascension Day, 25/26 - 31 December, 1 Januari

We thank you for visiting and we hope to welcome you in our wonderful museum.

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