Gendun Choephel Artists' Guild

Gendun Choephel Artists' Guild

You meet the significant self-expression of artists who keep up with our times and trends but they have not escape from the traditional and the values of the cultural heritage.


Peasants under the night sky with eyes shinning with inner light in a phenomenon of darkness, presenting naivety and loneliness in the Tibetan landscape with an influence rooted in the original nomads of Tibet.

Jangyung Jangyung

Gives a mystical flavour to his doll captivating ancient traditional Tibetan ornaments.

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- Opening hours:   Wed to Sun 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

- Entrance fee + optional audiotour
adult: € 7,50
Students: € 5,00 *student card required

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Closed on the following days: 27 April Kings day, 1e Eastern day, 1e Pinksterdag, Ascension Day, 25/26 - 31 December, 1 Januari

We thank you for visiting and we hope to welcome you in our wonderful museum.

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