Artists in Diaspora

Tibetans in Diaspora

Refers to the Tibetans in Exile who live across the globe. They present their land, voice and inspirations, concerns and beliefs.  This is the result of their migration owing to the force of Chinese oppression, or to  life threatening events, or to job opportunities or political exile. 

Artists who bring up queries quests and dialogue regarding land and identity and a nostalgia of a mystic land never visited by most of them. Manifesting and making the ethnic cultural with the tendency away from the narrative but towards abstraction and contemporary.

Gonkar Gyatso

He talks about his identity and belongings caused by migration and escapage experiences. His personal story is political and becomes powerfull. He combines pop art and tibetan culture.

Tashi Norbu

Tashi Norbu’s imaginary landscape of the skies motivated by his time travellers, the flying monks among colorfull Tibetan clouds of impermanence. Suggesting a propagate idea of freedom in Tibet and its monasteries.

Tenzin Rigdol

Creates an expressionistic art. The struggle of a Tibetan; becoming an individual

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