Sacred Tibetan skin art​

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Tibetan Sacred Tattoo

  • Live tattooing performance with Lama Tashi Norbu, an artist across Shared Waters exhibition

Williams College Museum of Arts
April 27 – 5 PM

e-mail:  tashi9pillars@gmail.com
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Lama Tashi Norbu

Sacred Tibetan skin art

Lama Tashi Norbu’s sacred Tibetan skin art will be your personal Buddhist protective Buddha, Buddhas and female bodhisatvas (Buddhas) or Tibetan sacred symbols created.

Based on date of birth; day, month, year of birth, the horoscope is read out.

During the process of making the skin art, specific Tibetan prayers are performed by Lama Tashi to strengthen the image and create a karmic bond. This process is performed so that the personal Buddha will take care of your soul in many lifetimes.

Tibetan sacred skin art can also display images on skin of chosen Tibetan motifs, meaningful symbols, patterns and Buddhist legendary images to accompany you in life and connect you to a facsinating spiritual world! In an unusual, sacred way, I will create your skin art with rituals. And the skin art will itself be a ritual: a symbolic behaviour with meaningful “mantras “that will be performed at the beginning and end of the skin art session, to get us in the right mindset and focus on this moment; suggesting a meditation session to remove any negative atmosphere, ensure safe passage and balance in everything. This is what we do in Tibet when we are dealing with fear and thus increase confidence. People feel fear before a tattoo and our rituals are said to signify protection and care.

Welcome to this unique experience of sacred skin art that suggests life force energy in life with the design selected by Lama Tashi that represents your personal heath, thoughts and beliefs on the skin.

The sacred Tibetan skin art of personal extraordinary Tibetan Buddhist deities mantras. The purpose of such skin art is to protect yourself from impurities like ignorance, desires and hatred as we call the three emerging poisons within ourselves and also to protect you from diseases, enemies and physical obstacles.

To create this skin art, you need to provide some personal details to discuss with LamaTashi. Then, a procedure will inform you about your deity and specific mantra associated with you. The design appropriate for you will be created in our Tibetan museum where many inspiring Tibetan artworks are displayed.


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The sacred Tibetan skin art of personal extraordinary Tibetan Buddhist deities mantras.
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