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Tibetan calligraphy

Tibetan calligraphy

Workshops can be followed online for a reduced price.
You can enroll for a workshop by mailing to: workshop@mocta.org 

Tashi Norbu, renowned Tibetan artist and monk, will give an online workshop on Tibetan Calligraphy. Besides getting knowledge about Tibetan Calligraphy as an art form and the Tibetan script, you will learn how to write the specifically Mantra ” Om Mani Padme Hum ” in Tibetan this time. Tashi shall show few other mantras and Tibetan Alphabets as well.

During the session, the deeper meaning of Buddhist art and details of the figure are explained. Interactions and Tibetan Buddhist rituals are practiced during the art session, such as is traditionally done in Tibetan monasteries whilst creating murals or statues.

Workshop materials:
Pencil, eraser, Sketch papers , Black ink and Round brushes ,  number 1 or 2.

You can fit at the above hours of our workshop, made to cover different times of our participants and their locations across the world.

There is a symbolic payment and a cultural meaning in the fee of this workshop €25,- during these crucial times for all, for supporting our Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art, thus preserving and expanding the Tibetan Art and Culture worldwide.

Please sign up by filling in the form on the following webpage:

(this link should be made into calligraphy workshop payable link for calligraphy workshop) 


Will you join us for this online experience?

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