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Painting Chenresig Buddha of compassion

Workshop painting
Chenresig Buddha of compassion

Workshops can be followed online for a reduced price.
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WORKSHOP/TUTORIAL by TASHI NORBU – Venerable Karma Choeying Tashi

The renowned Tibetan Artist and recently a Monk as well, is giving a live online workshop on how to paint the Chenresig Buddha of compassion. Techniques used are based on traditional and contemporary Tibetan art.

Tashi Norbu will teach how to paint Buddha in black, he would like to choose subject as black matters and Buddha of compassion. He regards it his Buddha of compassion. Basically, Buddha of compassion has 4 hands or 11 hands, but this time like on picture above with the Buddha of compassion he has only 2 hands. He can be in a different forms. Tashi Norbu painted this art during 10th March Tibetan uprising day international, the day when Tibet lost it’s country.
Tashi Norbu wants to dedicate it to black matters, for that Tashi like to paint this black Buddha with the flames. Tashi reside Buddha of compassion mantras during the workshop ceremony and then closing ceremony to empower the workshop and initiate artists who wants to join as a painters.

This Workshop is applied to all, beginners as well as experienced painters. Ven Tashi will be using his Art talents and will motivate you to paint a Buddha, bringing peace in your mind, making you feel the confidence and victory of creating

You can fit at the above hours of our workshop, made to cover different times of our participants and their locations across the world.

Prepare yourself for this painting experience, guided by the valuable instructions of one of the most popular Tibetan Artists in the West.

There is a symbolic payment and a cultural meaning in the fee of this workshop €35,- during these crucial times for all, for supporting our Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art, thus preserving and expanding the Tibetan Art and Culture worldwide.

You can sign up by filling in the form on the following webpage, making a mention of the workshop of your choice: 

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