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Tibetan thangka painting

Tibetan thangka painting​

Workshops can be followed online for a reduced price.
You can enroll for a workshop by mailing to: workshop@mocta.org 

The renown Tibetan Artist and Monk Ven Tashi (Tashi Norbu), is giving a live online course, dedicated to Tibetan thangka painting. Techniques used, are based on old traditional and contemporary expressions of Tibetan Art.
During this course Tashi Norbu will make a general introduction in Tibetan Art. He will teach traditional ways to write Tibetan mantras along with the deity which would be created.

Each lesson will be accompanied by the appropriate ceremony and meditation.
Online course description:

1 lesson: introduction (the origins of the graphic arts in Buddhism)
2 lessons: elements of traditional Tibetan Art and their symbolism (ancient line drawing, patterns, flowers, water) different drawing techniques;
3 lessons: traditional elements of Tibetan art and their symbolism (ancient line drawing, patterns, fire and clouds) different drawing techniques;
4 lessons: creating Mandala of Compassion;
5-6 lessons: painting full Buddha of Medicine according to Tibetan tradition with mantras of the deity we are creating.
This course is applied to all, beginners as well as experienced Painters.

Duration: 6 or 7 lessons (each lesson is 2.5 hours long).
Dates: 2.08, 9.08, 16.08, 23.08, 30.08, 6.09, 13.09.

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Materials for thangka course:

  • Sketch book, set of colored pencils, black pen, pencil and an eraser;
  • Sets of acrylic paints or gouache, thin round brush size 1 or 2 for lining with black ink; few brushes number 3 or 4 flat big ones: size 6, 8, 12;
  • 2 canvas sizes 40/30 cm (11/15 inches) or 50/50 cm (19/19 inches), small jar of water, used cloth or towel to clean the brushes.
  • Wood-frame, canvas (separately from stretcher) and threads.
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