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After a great success in May  2019 in US,  the Artistic Director of the Museum Tashi Norbu still feels he has to give so much to his people who eagerly were waiting to his return, and join in  a Workshop.   The Artist never forgets to give painting instructions  to his students and  audience who buy his Art and to  his followers, who donate to the Museum.After a great success in May  2019 in US,  the Artistic Director of the Museum Tashi Norbu still feels he has to give so much to his people who eagerly were waiting to his return, and join in  a Workshop.   The Artist never forgets to give painting instructions  to his students and  audience who buy his Art and to  his followers, who donate to the Museum.

The family of Ms Masia Ottenheim,  friends of Tashi Norbu, happily participated in a workshop on June 2019

Procedure for Museum registration in the list of the Museum in The Netherlands.


Museum Team is working intensively so that Museum would be included in the list of the  Museum of The Netherlands. 
The dead line of the pre-test is August 16th.  If Museum succeeds on this, it will be eligible to get on with the final procedure by which -if successful again-, Museum will be finally in the lists, maps and catalogues,  officially included in the  Musea of the country.

On the above picture you see the Artistic Director Tashi Norbu, with Iris B., (right front),  Co-ordinator  Platform Drentse Musea,  Yvette C., Projects Co-ordinator  of our Museum, Rinske  Visser, Museum volunteer and a  student of Chinese philosophy and Leela S. Manager of the Museum.

A volunteer of a good knowledge and of a sharp mind, was also Birgit Verkuijlen (middle) student at the Stenden University  of Emmen who helped enormously in the Museum pre-registration process.

The festival “Fables&Fantasy” in  Rensenpark, where Museum is located  


In the “Fable & Fantasy” Festival, International artists and performers were participating from different counties of Europe such as England, France, Germany. The festival presented mainly the Middle Ages sceneries, showing dresses from that time, even earlier to the Celtic period, presenting also various traditional practices of those eras.  It is wonderful to witness the different cultures of those times  and get inspired. It seems this park, (Rensenpark)  has become one of the most artistic parks in the Netherlands.  A perfect location to promote Tibetan Artistic Culture   for our museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art.

During the “Fables  and myths”  festival in Emmen.  Almost all participants visited our Museum, made photos and gave positive comments in our “guest book” saying how worth of visiting the Museum and Gallery  in the former zoo park!
Tashi Norbu with Harmina Toonstra and  John gunny Blackwater.  At “fable&Fantasy” Festival in Rensenpark, where Museum is located.
Tashi was glad to meet “a version” of his Time Travelers and took a photo in this symbolic scene amidst the nature of the Rensenpark at Fables&Fantasy Festival in Emmen.
Τea time with Museum Team in classic ages environment.  The photographer  and our co-operator from China who now lives in Holland was present,  talking together about future plans on a  future  photographic exhibition in the Museum.  
The Angels,  Roelinda Tip & Nienke Veurink were happy to pose next to our metal Buddha.
This van is now adorned by stickers presenting  the Museum and Tashi’s famous pieces of Art such as Time Travelers.  It will travel along Europe to support Museum with exhibitions, workshops and events.    Museum Graphic Arts Designer  Jefferey Oertel is happy looking at the stickers he has created.
                A unique mural artwork covering a wall of more than 4 meters long, nearly 8sq.m.
A mural  covering a surface of  nearly 8sq.m., created by  Tashi Norbu while  Leela S is assisting in the process.  Specially for the home of  Museum friends Seija Beth  Kingston family from Amsterdam.  This painting  is called “enlightenment” with Tibetan flying monks, the unique Tashi’s  Time Travelers.
The  Artist is happy with the final result of the mural/painting. 
August in the Pacific
coastal areas of southern California, U.S.
Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art in Emmen The Netherlands and the United Nations for Tibet Team members from San Francisco,  welcome  all Tibetans and non Tibetans on the 3rd August;  an event  to meet Tashi Norbu’s Paintings  and his Live performance for the purpose of supporting the Museum. The Artist was accompanied by the local (San Francisco). Musicians,   Evelie S Posch and Joshua Morrill
The event was initiated by Museum good friend, Co-operator and Artist Tsering Wangchuk la, ex Head Press Officer at H.H. Dalai Lama  Office & The Tibetan Govt in Exile, India;  together with Ms Brigitte's Mercedes, Founder of UNFT (United Nations for Tibet). The Artist was accompanied by the local Musicians Evelie and Joy (as above photo).  
The live painting performance of Tashi Norbu at the event of 3rd Aug.,  had the above result.  A uniquely symbolic painting, presenting  “Precious Human life”  
Artist’s blind turtle, the Tibetan symbol of wisdom and peace,  will be fortunate if accidentally finds the golden ring  and  gets it around its neck.  This is the  precious human life because of  the past life's immeasurable compassionate deeds. It evades the net to seek liberation and transformation,  thus attaining Buddhahood.
The arc in which a god, potentially human, carries and rescues the precious human life and all living beings in it; all having Buddha-nature as well as the potential to transcend samsara and attain enlightenment. An achievement so much based on abandonment of the three poisons,  which the Artist depicted symbolically on the flags of its gigantic vessel: ignorance, attachment and aversion, the poisonous states of mind which motivate non-virtuous and unskillful thoughts, speech and actions, the cause of all sufferings for ourselves and others.
Exhibition and Live painting performance in Napa Valley

Tashi Norbu  10 Artworks  were hosted at First Republic Bank of St. Helena, Napa valley California. 

Above photo with the Artist talking to some friends, after the end of his live painting performance.  You can see the painting he just finished, at the background.  This is under the title “The Mystical Union Yab -Yum”  The Union of wisdom and bliss, the mother and the father.  Derived by the Traditional Tibetan Thangka Buddhist depictions,  representing the primordial union of wisdom and compassion, depicted as a male deity in Union with his female consort.

In Encinitas, California
“Retouching” the Plastic soup sculpture of a Buddha who sends a message about environmental awareness.
The Artist retouches and preserves his Buddha made out of plastic waste objects,  he had collected with the help of  the local people.  This plastic stuff was thrown at the beaches of the ocean. Sculpture was created one and a half year ago, at 101 highway, Encinitas
Museum  friend, Co-operator and Artist Tsering Wangchuk la, with Tashi Norbu  where there, to  “retouch” the Buddha.
Locals  had helped the Artist at the past, to make the symbolic Buddha, thus contributing to Artist’s  concept on Environmental Awareness.  In the photo above is  Leela from our Museum with Marcos and  his lovely young daughters who helped on preserving and “retouching”  Buddha  that sunny day of Aug., in Encinitas, by adding more plastic jewelries on the sculpture.
An advertisement referring to the live painting Performance in Encinitas,  at “Earth’s Elements”,  of  the  Museum Artistic Director,  Tashi Norbu.  A large collection of Artworks is exhibited in all seven Earth's Elements stores, situated at the coastal areas of Southern California.
Another  painting of “The Mystical Union Yab -Yum”  crated by Tashi Norbu in this Live Performance at “Earth’s Elements”  spiritual space.
In Borrego Springs.  Live performance with “The Resonance Code
In the Yurt of Borrego Springs, at a colorful presentation, fueling  the eyes, ears and heart. Together with "The Resonance Code"  of Denise & Mark Paradise;   creating a beautiful expression of peace and tranquility of the soul,  through visual art, resonant art and vocal chanting. 
Participants of the mountain valley  retreat.  Live painting and vocal chanting with singing balls and gongs in Ranchita,  nearby Borrego Springs.   A beautiful atmosphere, under the hot sun of the desert;  yet,  so cool!
 Leela and Denise posing happily after the end of the successful event,  in front of the painting of the Tibetan Artist; he used earthy warm colors and turquoise to depict a Buddha on a meditative posture,   along with “The Resonance Code” Denise&Mark Paradise.
A dinner with food for the soul and talks about the desert events and future Artistic activities;  offered by our Museum good friends and co-operators  Ann O’ Connor and Mark, together with the company of Denise&Mark Paradise. 
An article about Tibetan Artist’s  activities in U.S., at California Borrego Springs.  That event happened in the past at the above place with Anne O'Connor and  Mark,  Denise & Mark Paradise and was  published in Borrego Springs, California, Newspaper.
Tibetan night at “Resonance Code” home.
A night of Meditation with Museum friends at Denise & Mark Paradise home “The Resonance Code”, situated amidst the desert of Borrego Springs.  They were our kind hosts and interesting to talk about future events and Artistic activities together.
Desert and wild flowers.  Tashi with our Museum co-operator and Artist Tsering Wangchuk la,  exploring the desert of Borrego valley.  Posing next to amazing Metal Sculptures,  while Tibetan flags are waving.  Sculptures made by the Artist Ricardo Breceda
A must for Artists to meet the sculptures of Ricardo Breceda in the desert.  A great study on Art by Tashi Norbu and Museum Manager Leela Skitsa.
25th Aug., celebration at the  Tibetan Community of San Francisco
Tashi made with great pleasure an offering of a creative Workshop on Tibetan Art, to the Tibetan Children and teenagers of the Tibetan community in San Francisco.
In the meantime  a great happening  event on  31st Aug., in our Museum, Emmen/Holland
On the 31st August, an event of Meditation and Music in our Museum. Performance by Iskandar Widjaja, violin and Jion Blonstein, Zen master.

This happened on the occasion of the joint exhibition '50 years Woodstock 'in the CBK in the Rensenpark in Emmen,   bringing  the worldwide known violinist Iskandar Widjaja in Emmen with a special performance.
Along the Californian Mexican border, exploring Art and indigeneity…
Holding with care the portrait of  Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo who Tashi Norbu admires; because Frida’s paintings  are deeply personal, replete with symbolism that narrates the story of her interesting life.
The beautiful landscape of the Mexican land and sea, such an inspiration for an Artist and this was the last destination for the Director and Manger of the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art who on the  4th Sept directed to a flight from San Francisco to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to return in Emmen.
Dear friends and visitors, thank you all, for your time to read our Summer 2019 newsletter.  Your support gives us strength to carry on with our mission.
Editor/Art critic by Leela Skitsa

Thank you for reading our News Letter.  Please Stay “tuned” with us for all happenings and events of Tashi Norbu and Team from the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art, Rensenpark, Emmen.

Warm regards
Tashi Norbu and Team of the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art

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