Nieuwsbrief februari – Museum voor Hedendaagse Tibetaanse Kunst

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Nieuwsbrief Februari 2020

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Te vinden in deze nieuwsbrief:

  • Tibetan Mantra Lounge
  • Tibetaans Boeddhistische Schilderworkshop

Tibetan Mantra Lounge

Afgelopen zondag 26 januari waren we Live met de Mantra Lounge onder leiding van Tibetaanse kunstenaar Tashi Norbu en Christy von Beansprout. Deze is terug te zien door op de volgende link te klikken: 

Soortgelijke performances vinden maandelijks plaats, op elke koopzondag, en zijn vrij toegankelijk met een museumkaartje.

De volgende is bij te wonen op zondag 22 februari om 14:00 uur!

Tibetaans Boeddhistische Schilderworkshop

Zondag 9 februari 2019: Tibetaans Boeddhistische Schilderworkshop met Tashi Norbu: Schilder je eigen Boeddha.

How to create a painting of a Buddha according to the principles of ancient Tibetan iconometry. A great opportunity to create your own artwork to decorate your home, according to your preferred colors and the interior design of your space. The painting of a Buddha will be combined with the Tibetan traditional method and the modern free style, giving a unique beauty to a Contemporary Tibetan Art piece that you will create with us. Join us for such an experience; for a one day Workshop. Hereunder is the information about it.

Materialen (verf, kwasten, doek), koffie/thee en iets lekkers zijn inclusief. Je deelname wordt berekend op basis van het formaat doek dat je kiest. Je kunt kiezen uit verschillende formaten doek:

0,50 x 0,50 cm: 80 euros
0,80 x 0,60 cm: 110 euros
100 x 100 cm: 145 euros
120 x 140 cm: 280 euros
140 x 150 cm: 380 euros

9 Februari, 11:00-17:00
Museum voor Hedendaagse Tibetaanse Kunst (Hoofdstraat 16C, Rensenpark)



Open Dag MOCTA

Op zondag 27 oktober zal de lancering van de Vriendenvereniging van het Museum voor Hedendaagse Tibetaanse Kunst plaatsvinden. Voor deze gelegenheid is het museum op 27 oktober gratis toegankelijk.

De lancering wordt gevierd met verschillende activiteiten waaronder een Live painting- en muziekperformance vanaf 14:00 uur onder leiding van Tibetaans Kunstenaar Tashi Norbu en muzikante Christy von Spreanbout.

U bent van harte uitgenodigd om binnen te lopen, van de performance te genieten en de collectie te bekijken.


Newsletter October 2019

Featured in this newsletter:

  • Tibetan Mantra Lounge
  • Tibetan Buddhist Painting workshop
  • Open Day - Launch Friends of the Museum 

Tibetan Mantra Lounge & Live painting performance

On Sunday the 29th of September Mantra Lounge was Live from the museum. Tibetan artist Tashi Norbu did a live painting performance whilst Christy von Beansprout and others made improvised music.

These performances will happen once a month in the museum. The next one will be on the 27th of October at 2:00 p.m.


Tibetan Buddhist Painting workshop

Sunday 20 October 2019: Tibetan Buddhist Painting workshop with Tashi Norbu: Paint your own Buddha, Tara or Mandala. 

Location: Building 'De Koningin' in Hilversum

The painting will be combined with Tibetan Buddhist rituals such as the recital of mantras.  

11.00-11.45 hour: Tibetan ritual, reciting of mantras, music as a blessing of the creative process. Introduction of the classic basic principles for painting a Buddha, Tara or Mandala. 
11.45-13.45 hour: Under the supervision of Tashi and his team you'll make a sketch for the painting and choose the colours. 
13.45-14.15 hour: (self brought) lunch and some provided Tibetan snacks 
14.15 -18.00 hour: Painting, with the help of Tashi and team. Suggestions will be made and sentences in Sanskrit can be put on the painting as a form of blessing.

Sign up: – phone: 035-5821817

Open Day MOCTA

On the 27th of October the Friends association of the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art will be launched.

This will be celebrated by an Open Day at the museum and several activities. From 14:00 hrs there will be a Live painting performance by Tashi Norbu and a musical performance by Christy von Beansprout and the Tibetan Mantra Lounge group.

Feel free to come and enjoy the museum; the performances and the collection!

Nieuwsbrief Februari 2020


Mantra Lounge


Visitors from Hong Kong and Germany to our Museum this year to study Tashi Norbu’s Art
Several groups from different audiences; tour organized through the Town Hall into Rensenpark where  Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art is located. Such Wonderful platform to share modern Artistic culture along with international Artists, Writers, Poets, Scientists, Spiritual Masters, Musicians, Architects, Engineers, Speakers and every form of Art Expressionists.
Mayor of Gemeente Emmen pointing at the Dutch legendary soccer Johan Kruif , the painting commissioned by Johny Van Schip, former Player of the Dutch National Soccer. Currently John is Coach in PC Zwolle the neighbor town of Emmen.




Tashi Norbu's Artworks are recreated in beautiful and highly sophisticated embroidered paintings, by the Embroidery School of Shanghai and Beijing. Aspiring Textile and Fashion Designer Artists will visit our Museum during the Uitmarkt Festival of 8th and 9th September in Rensenpark, Emmen. They are Ms Jiansu owner of the Embroidery School of Shangai and Ms Liu Zixuan Fashion Designer. Ms Jiansu is specialized in combining traditional and contemporary embroidery techniques in order to create masterpieces. She uses her needles to investigate a dizzying variety of concerns, exploring gender, ethnic identity, cultural history, memory, and pop culture between Tibetan and Western culture or between Chinese and Western culture. Both Artists will offer a weekend workshops focused on their techniques through the medium of threads.
Ms Jiansu owner of the Embroidery School of Shangai
Tashi Norbu’s Art transformed into a beautiful embroidery Art by Ms Jiansu owner of the Embroidery School of Shangai
The Fahion Designer Artist from Shanghai Ms Liu Zixuan in front of one of his creation. At the left an embroidery Art, derived and copied from Tashi Norbu’s Painting. How beautifully a painting has been transformed into embroidery Art by Ms Jiansu

16 – 17 September

PARTICIPATION OF our MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY TIBETAN ART -TASHI NORBU AT H.H. 14TH DALAI LAMA OF TIBET TEACHINGS IN ROTTERDAM  Tashi Norbu and Team drove to Rotterdam in order to make the installations for the Tibetan Contemporary Art Exhibition in Ahoy where H.H. Dalai Lama gave teachings. The presence of Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art - Tashi Norbu was at the stalls 31,32 & 33 
Tashi at his stands at Ahoy/Rotterdam at HH Dalai Lama Teachings with his dear friend Eckart Dissen.

Contemporary Tibetan Artworks were exhibited. Posters out of HH Dalai Lama original paintings were on sale to the public, in order to support our Tibetan Museum in Emmen. Because of His Holiness presence during these two days, we believed that all paintings and statues were blessed. Tashi made a live painting performance accompanied by the Musicians Christy Von Beansprout, Xavier Boot and the rest of Tibetan Team by the Tibetan Mantra Lounge.

Tashi Norbu’s Artworks were exhibited at Hofpoort Theatre near Emmen in the Netherlands until end of November. Exhibition open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays from 10-16 pm, on Saturday of 12-16 pm
Offering Momos at the opening of the Exhibition in Hofpoort Theatre
Pieces of Art from the Gallery of the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art, exhibited at Hofpoort Theatre.

22nd September

Different Groups visit the Museum often. Here you may see one group invited to our Museum by the Green Support Dutch organization from Drenthe Districht of North East Netherlands. This group is led by Emmen Goes Eco Team.

30nd September

At the Eye Filmmuseum during Buddhist Film Festival Europe at 21:00 hrs a short documentary film based on Tashi's Live painting performance shot in Toronto " Light For Freedom" a short documentary film with its premier in the Netherland. The Artist was present for Q & A session after the film and that the closing ceremony of the Buddhist Film festival of that Weekend.

Thank you for reading our Newsletter.  Please Stay “tuned” with us for all happenings and events of Tashi Norbu and Team from the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art, Rensenpark, Emmen.

Warm regards
Tashi Norbu and Team of the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art

More info on the Museum
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Tashi with a Team of Artists and at the Eye Festival Amsterdam


Tashi Norbu had the pleasure to offer one of his Artworks to the City Hall of Emmen. That was a gesture of gratitude, and appreciation for the opportunity the City Council has given him, not only to create in this city his Artistic activities on an International basis, but to support the Museum of Contemporary Art as well. Two of the Aldermen Mr. Jisse Otter and Mr. Robert Klein received Tashi’s offer with joy on behalf of the City Council with their best wishes to us all. You may see us in the picture below together with the guest Fashion Designer from Shanghai.
A Similar meeting of Tashi Norbu with The Mayor of Leitomischi /Zchecz in UNESCO castle area in March 2017 Tashi here with his Team and the above Artist from Shangai Mrs Liu Xinhuan together with the Chinese Embroidery Artist Sophie (at the left) whose work was so admired, when drawing beautiful bamboos in blues on Tashi’s canvas, for the needs of his Live Performance.


We are glad that more than 50.000 visitors have been recorded since our opening date (1st June 2017). And a chance to remind to all, the happening event of Spiritual Tattooing on Sunday 28th October at the Fineline Tattoo Emmen, dedicated to the Tibetan Art and Culture as well as to the spirit and mind, All were welcome to this event which was filmed by the regional television with Paula Keizer and Team ZO34 .
October 7th Tibetan Buddhist Art workshop given by Tashi Norbu in the Medical Centre Meehuis Bilthoven. That was a therapeutic form of expressive therapy; using the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
29th October Tashi Norbu's lecture at the International NHL Stenden Emmen STENDEN University of applied sciences in Emmen.

The presentation of Tibetan Contemporary Art by Tashi started at 13.00 to 14:30 hours. He was a guest speaker for the fourth year students at The NHL-Stenden school International Marketing and Cross Cultural Management.
In front of the Museum with the students of STENDEN University of applied sciences of Emmen.




Nov. 6th at 6 pm - 8 pm at the Rotunda Gallery of the University of Wyoming. The mural of Tashi will be on display through July 2019 and will be added at the permanent Art collections of the Wyoming Art Museum.
TASHI NORBU AD AT THE WYOMING ART MUSEUM MAGAZINE. A great ad from the University of Wyoming Art Museum where the Artist showed the many forms of his Art; showing appreciation on Tashi's Artistic activities, suggesting the Tibetan Art and Culture as a unique expression of Art in the world. This advertisement will be in the university magazine which goes out to Donors and Alumni.

On 13th Tashi Norbu visited Encinitas/Sandiego, for a construction of a sculpture made of “plastic soup” collected from the Ocean; Environmental Awareness and a message across the globe about ecological balance with the great support of the City Hall of Ecninitas/San Diego.

Tashi Norbu in front of his Sculpture “plastic soup”

TASHI NORBU’S INSTALLATION OF AN “URBAN BUDDHA” (4x3 m.) HIGHLIGHTING THE IMPORTANCE OF RECYCLING AND THE DAMAGE PLASTICS CREATE ON OUR OCEANS. Many millions of plastic are thrown away each day on planet. To reduce that waste and set an inspiring and creative example, Artist Tashi Norbu enlisted the help of the inhabitants of Encinitas/San Diego and under the support of the “four Elements” space as well as the City Hall of Encinitas, he creates a stunning sculpture entirely of plastic waste, reclaimed from the ocean.  The locals call it “plastic soup” It is created using all kind of plastic collected from the Pacific – an amount which, is nothing of course, in comparison with the total of plastic debris polluting the oceans today.

Tashi was amazed by the reaction from the people of Coventry towards the project. They loved his “Urban Buddha” and wanted to be a part of making the sculpture. An exploration of the Artist in Encinitas which is named among the Best Surf Towns in the world, and known for its floral industry; located along six miles of Pacific in the north county of San Diego area, California Ocean coastline.

The installation, sends a message that is now more important than ever. It is a message and physical example of why it is necessary to change and learn about the use and dispose of plastic in the world of today. It is a reminder that all plastic thrown, eventually find their own way into the environment
Tashi among his friends and organizers of the Plastic Sculpture project of “Earth elements” Center, in Encinitas, Santiago.
On 17th and 18th November at ACCI Gallery. Tashi Norbu travelled to Berkeley/California for a Glimpse of Tibet in a journey to the Tibetan Art and Culture. People joined him, thought with him, enjoyed with him. An artist introduction and opening reception with a live painting by the artist as well as live Tibetan music and chanting.

Tashi with his Tibetan friend and Gallerist Dhondup Tsering (first on the left) who organized the event, posing along with the the Artists Tsering Y, Sonam, Tsedor, Tsering D, who accompanied the Artisti with their Tibetan musical instruments and amazing Tibetan opera voices, during his Live Painting Performance.
On 20th November, Tashi Norbu travels for another Live Painting Performance at Woodstock/Illinois,U.S., at tge Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple. He was accompanied by monks, in a Mandra Lounge Recitation. The Artist paints the Tibetan Plateau filled with Buddhas, each one in a pose of eternity and in a meditation status. His Buddhas are whispering the sacred code of loving kindness and compassion.

The Artist in front of the painting he created during his Live Performance, with monks of the Lotus temple who were reciting mantras along with him..
Being in Chicago, Tashi Norbu didn’t miss the opportunity to visit his Urban Budda “Be the flower not the Bee” who created in Summer 2016 and has been removed from its prior position and DE installed at Bridgeport Art Center.

A MANDALA WEEKEND OF 24th – 25th Nov.


Tashi Norbu at De Broodfabriek Festival, Rijswick The Netherlands. A Mandala weekend when Tashi presented the latest trends of his Artwork. Mandalas were dominating at the whole space, surrounded by Time Travelers exiting the core of being and flying around it. The Sanskrit Scriptures were underlying the sacred scenery which was depicted with raw mineral / pigment colours such as Tyrquoize or Lapis Lazouli. Further more, the most fascinated event was the creation of Sand Mandala on the floor, of 2,50 x 2,50 m.
This was created carefully and lovingly by Tashi and his Team and had to be destroyed at the end of the ceremony. It was completed at the end of the 2nd day and destroyed. It was made by raw pigments. Each of the viewers and audience carried home the precious colored sand made of all colors of the Rainbow, bringing luck and prosperity in the family. A great message to the world based on Buddha’s teachings:  “Everything in Life in Impermanent” 

Winter 2018



4th Dec. An interesting meeting of the Rensenpark Artists, Initiators and Entrepreneurs with members of the City Council and officials of the City Hall of Emmen, at the beautiful and cozy “Tea House” of the park. Our Museum Artistic Director Tashi Norbu was there. The new logo of the Rensenpark was revealed.
The two Aldermen of the City Hall of Emmen, Mr Robert Klein and Mr Jisse Otter revealing the new logo of the Rensenpark, where our Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art is situated.
Tashi Norbu with Ms Helga Kruijdengerg posing in front of the Rensenpark New Logo. Helga is the Project secretary of the Project Management Team, Municipality of Emmen.


8th December Marco Lier had a great surprise for all his employees! The Team was told to wear comfortable clothes - and as this wonderful place is located amidst nature, everyone thought they will run in the forest …. or something like that and the 30 people end up painting Buddhas under Tashi Norbu’s instructons!!
It is great that business people discover that painting with Tashi Norbu, being in a meditative state of mind with him, is the best gift for themselves in these times. 
Tibetan Buddhist Art workshop given by Tashi Norbu is a therapeutic form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 
The creative process involved in expressing one’s self artistically can help people to resolve issues as well as develop and manage their behaviour and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness.
Tibetan Mantras Lounge by Tashi Norbu and Team before starting workshop. Tibetan Art therapy can achieve different advantages for different people. It can be used for counseling by therapists, healing, treatment, rehabilitation, psychotherapy. In the broad sense of the term, it can be used for self – realization, a deep understanding of ourselves.


Tashi with Museum Volunteers who donate their precious time to work together with us on the goal to preserve the Tibetan Art and Culture. An act of human kindness and Tashi Norbu will say “thank you” to them all for their contribution, by honoring each one with the traditional Tibetan “Khata” scarf which is a special blessing, talisman and protector; it will warmly wrap Museum’s logo painting also offered to each one, with nice Tibetan calligraphy next to it, by Tashi. A gift acknowledged by all honorees with positive feelings and intention by all, for our Museum mission and appeal to the world.
Tashi with great Tattoo Artist  Martina Koster at the “Fineline” Tattoo studio.

Thank you for reading our News Letter.  Please Stay “tuned” with us for all happenings and events of Tashi Norbu and Team from the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art, Rensenpark, Emmen.

Warm regards
Tashi Norbu and Team of the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art

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