Newsletter May 2018

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Newsletter May 2018

Successful March!

Great news for our Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art in Rensenpark, Emmen, is  the extension of it, to the double of its previous  size.  On the occasion of the opening of the new space of the Museum,  a ceremony was given, on the 24th March 2018.

Tashi Norbu the founder of the Museum with  two Eldermen of the city of Emmen Messrs Robert Klein and Jisse Otter who supported with their kind presence,  the ribbon – cutting  ceremony on the 24th March.
The people of Emmen embraced the event of the ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the new space of the Museum which is now extended to the double of its size.
Tashi among his Artistic team and Musicians at the Opening Ceremony of the new space of the Museum.   Tashi Norbu and Team were delighted to welcome the Musicians Roger Spees, Pianist and Joseph Bowie, Trombonist & Percussionist,   besides the core of the existing music group consisting  among others of Christy von Beensprout Percussionist and Azer Cirttan Guitarise.
At the ceremony on the 24 March, Tashi among his inspirations: he paints his ideogram;  Buddha surrounded by Tibetan Calligraphy talking about  love and peace into Universe.  The Music Lounge will speak the Mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. An epic event which made us proud and gave us the strength to get on with our mission and aim to the world:  to educate people on Tibetan culture which is one of HH Dalai Lama principles in life. The Contemporary Tibetan Art is derived by the Traditional route, the roots of which are based in the Traditional Tibetan way.
Tashi Norbu during his live painting performance on the occasion of the opening of  the  new space of  the Museum
Festive opening ceremony  of our museum on 24 March, celebrating the new space,  with live music.  Tashi Norbu  singing Tibetan Mantras.
The Tibetan Artitst Ngawang in action.  He gives the signal to start the Tibetan Mantras lounge by blowing  the Traditional Tibetan Conch Shell.
Local newspapers write about  the  ribbon -  cutting ceremony on the occasion of the opening of the new space of the Museum. 
The Former footballer and PEC Zwolle coach John Van 't Schip was at the opening ceremony on the 24th March.  He received by Tashi the portrait of a painting, at which  Tashi had depicted the football legend Johan Cruijff. 
In the photo John Van’t Schip with his wife Danielle Van’t Schip Oonk being honored with Tibetan blue scarves.   Also Ms Leela Eleni Skitsa, Writer and Art Critic of the Museum 
Tashi Norbu made this painting under commission especially for John Van’t Schip who was very touched to receive it. He gave a small speech to the audience expressing feelings and thoughts.  He said that the 24th March is same date that his Guru in football Johan Cruiff passed away two years ago.
On the 25th March,  the  Museum supported   MS Research project EMMEN. – Emmen Ronald Witteveen collected six hundred Euros for MS Research.

Tashi with the explorer of the MS Research Ronald Witteveen at the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art, posing for this campaign in front of Tashi’s painting.

Active April!

On 1st April, Tashi Norbu  with his Team of Artists created  a beautiful floor  mural at the Museum new Space. Participating Artists together with Tashi, were the local  Artist Karin Siebring, Leela Skitsa and Tenn Zinn Seldon.  Karin said that was a great experience, for, this floor mural suggests a path in our lives as we  all walk through it.

The surface of the floor  is now covered with beautiful colours and non – religious Tibetan motives such as clouds and European Art - effects.
Karin said that it was a great experience, for, this floor mural suggests a path in our lives as we  walk through it.
On the 7th and 8th April, Tashi Norbu  participated in the Festival of “De Broodfabrieka”, in Holland.  As usually, Tashi started with his Tibetan Buddhist rituals and his Live Painting performance was accompanied all the way by the great Flute player Michael Telapary. In a lyrical way the Artist depicted the Medicine Buddha warming viewers hearts.
The Artist also  created together with his Team, in a traditional way, a SAND MANDALA which had to be taken away or destroyed when completed. Viewers and audience at the end, were happy to collect for home a little bag   with sand from the  Mandala. In Tibetan culture this would  bring prosperity and good luck to the owner

The Sand Mandala traditionally created by Tashi Norbu and Team,  which had to be taken away at the end of the performance. His viewers and audience were happy to collect a little bag  at the end, with sand of the Mandala which would bring prosperity and good luck to their home.
In a lyrical way the Artist depicted the Medicine Buddha warming viewers hearts, while they were meditating.
Tashi Norbu at  the Festival of “De Broodfabrieka t Volmerlaan, 2288 GD Rijswijk, Netherlands”
On the 18th March, Tashi Norbu  at the De Koningin  in Hilversum, The Netherlands, gives tutorials on Tibetan Contemporary Art; along with his students would depict Buddha’s wisdom on canvases. All 25 participants are happy to follow Artist’s advices and instructions and they ended up,
creating their own Buddhas, surrounded by Tibetan motives,
Mandalas, Angels and flying monks. They went back home carrying with them their fascinating pieces of Art. The rituals at the beginning of the session performed by Tashi and  his Team, would bring wellness, happiness and prosperity in  the whole environment of this beautiful spiritual space.

Tashi Norbu and Team with participants at the end of the workshop given in De Koningin, Hilversum
 A  mural Art made by Tashi in De Koningin, Center’s wall
All 25 participants were happy to follow Artist’s advices and instructions and they ended up, creating their own Buddhas, surrounded by Tibetan motives, Mandalas, Angels and flying monks. They went back home carrying with them their fascinating pieces of Art.
On the 19th April The internationally renowned peace artist Joseph Lawrence Vasile  was  in the Museum.  He makes  a world peace journey with a unique way.  Accompanied by the local people he creates peace flags sending a message of peace and unity across the globe.  With his project, Vasile has been travelling around the world visiting meanwhile all continents The flags that are made in Emmen, at our Museum, will go on a world trip and later  they will be exhibited in Myanmar, Thailand and Korea.

Vassile created a live piece of art of the map of The Netherlands, using traditional Burmese textiles with the logo of our Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art.  He had the great help of  local ladies  of Emmen.  The map which is made under the instructions of Vaslie  shows each time a different  country  which participated in Vassile event  and followed his concept: Peace and Unity.
Joseph at the Museuem with Tashi Norbu holding  the Artwork he created bringing to the word messages of peace and unity.
The peace  colourful flags  by Joseph inspired so much by the Tibetan flags of Buddhist philosophy
On 29th April  Tashi Norbu created a sculpture 2,00 x 1,60 m in Rensenpark, made of recycled wood. The Artist is participating in this way in the project “Emmen goes Eco”.  This is another Urban Buddha following the one which was created in Chicago (6,00 x 5,00 m.) one year and a half ago.    Tashi again with his meaningful piece of Art will sends messages to the world about global deforestation. 
Tashi's Team had the assistance of  the local Artist Karin Siebring in the creation of this unique piece of Art,  The sculpture will be carried into the Museum and from there to  its permanent spot in Rensenpark, where it will be installed.   What a great example of Environmental Awareness!

Karin Siebring of Ka’S design. Would provide us with all necessary machinery and equipment and would greatly assist the Artist in the construction of the “Urban Buddha”
Tashi Norbu and Team  carried same day, (29th April) at the Museum,  the  wooden sculpture .  From there it wiil  soon be moved to its permanent position, in the nature of Rensenpark.
The Sculpture of Tashi Norbu made by recycled scrap woods and waste materials.

Cool May

Our Museum supports the neighbor Chögyal Trizin or 'Akka's Stadsboerderij' in the Rensenpark Emmen.  Akka's City Farm is a non-profit organization for taking care of rescued animals and giving old animals a second life.

Our neighbour in Rensenpark  Chögyal Trizin / " Akka's Stadsboerderij “
At the opening ceremony of “Akas”s Stadsboerderij on the 1st May, two black Swans were put in the lake with the names Jaap and Aleid, the former directors of the old zoo. That was a touching event in the presence of Mr Jaap Rensen, his daughter Maaike and Mr René van der Weide, the alderman of the city.
Tattoo by the Artistic Director of our Museum.  
Tashi Norbu  started the body Art on the  3rd May, at the “Fineline”  A wonderful collaboration with Martina Koster, Hommie, Patricia and Team.  Every Thursday the Tibetan Artist will welcome his tattoo friends who will experience  the Art on Body by him
Tashi Norbu at the “Fineline” Tattoo Studio
Tashi while making a calligraphy Tattoo  referring to family names.
And the final result.  A real body art with Calligraphy, depicting two names (Nova and Geline) in Tibetan.   Made  by Tashi Norbu.
On  5th May a  workshop at the Museum, on “how to create a Buddha”.  The participants  chose their own colours and canvases and made painting to match with their home decoration!
Students with their pieces of Art made under instructions/tutotials of Tashi Norbu
Αn Artwork that talks about Environmental Awareness. Using scrap woods and waste materials to build such a peaceful image in the nature of Rensenpark, Holland, in an effort to send messages across the globe about ecological balance!
On 5th May the opening day for presenting the Buddha wooden sculpture.  Mantras by the Artist and  Team of the Musicians including  Christy Von Beansprout and Azer Cirttan.
On 4th May the wooden sculpture of Buddha was carried to its permanent position in Rensenpark.
Tashi Norbu and Team installing the wooden sculpture of “Urban Buddha” made of scatch wood
  Artist Karin Siebring of Ka’S design with her enthusiasm and kind assistance accompanied Tashi Norbu for the construction of  Urban  Buddha which is now installed in Rensenpark.
Tashi Norbu is pleased in co-operating with local  Artists of Emmen, demonstrating their work at the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art in Rensenpark. such as: Karin Siebring, who in collaboration with Tashi made the floor murals of the new space of the Museum.  Karin also  assisted in the wooden Buddha sculpture.  the Artwork of a ceramic Buddha by Petra Blom which is hosted at the Museum.   Nikki Schippers who created a unique piece of Art;  a Buddha made out of the pages of Bible. Nikki is the Creator of this meaningful Artwork, while Tashi gave the idea of a Buddha out of Bible pages. The Tatoo Artist Martina Koster of “Fineline” Tattoo in Emmen,  is collaborating with Tashi Norbu and has provided Tashi with all precious new generation Tattoo equipment fof the Tattoo Art  -on skin-  with Tibetan calligraphies, motives and Tibetan images of any kind.  
Karin Siebring  and the creation of the floor mural, at the Museum
With Petra Blom and her Artwork of Ceramic Buddha at the Museum
Nikki Schippers and  the creation of a Buddha out of Bible pages.
Tashi with great Tattoo Artist  Martina Koster at the “Fineline” Tattoo studio.
The Artistic Director Tashi Norbu   will be in Australia soon,  for a wonderful Art show. Beginning June he will be landing in Holland again,  to get  prepared  for all Summer happenings, Tibetan events and  Festivals  of the Museum.

Thank you for reading our News Letter.  Please Stay “tuned” with us for all happenings and events of Tashi Norbu and Team from the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art, Rensenpark, Emmen.

Warm regards
Tashi Norbu and Team of the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art

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