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Newsletter April 2020

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In line with  Government measures and decisions  about Covid 19 (corona virus) pandemic, Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art has had to close his doors since 12th March 2020. Due to COVID 19, Museum shall be closed until further notice.

Message from the Manager

Dear friends and visitors  of the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art,

Due to Covid-19, our Museum has had temporarily to close its doors to the public, until further notice by the Government. We are committed to the safety of our community of volunteers, staff, supporters and artists, during the challenges we are facing at these times.

During our closure, the Museum will be accessible to you through our web site or social media channels,  such as face book, Instagram you tube.

And we miss you!

We miss our friends  and visitors  across the country and around the world, we miss the presence of yours,  full of curiosity, eagerly to learn about the Tibetan Art and  Culture.

We want to encourage you to think about a future beyond Corona virus in the planet.

We want to enlighten you,  by joining us in our daily sessions and events by the Contemporary Tibetan Artist Tashi Norbu,  the Artistic Director and the  Initiator of the radical concept for our Museum:  to serve the Humanity.  Tashi will  be sharing with  you in a unique way,  his Art and Meditation with Tibetan Mantra Lounge;  keeping your spirit up with hopes and delight, nourishing your  mind and soul, something  that we now need,  more than ever!

We want to invite you to visit our Museum from home. We are provoking artistic facts. We present the Exhibition of more than  40 Tibetan Artists; amongst, are the most significant ones;  in a wonderful world, where a new Tibetan Art has been born.

Stay tuned.  Be well, be strong, be beautiful!

Leela – Eleni  Skitsa

Manager, Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art

Tashi Norbu, Tibetan Contemporary Artist and our Museum Artistic Director, joined the monkhood on the 24 Febr., 2020 at Tibetan New year (Losar)

Tashi Norbu’s  Announcement about his monkhood ordination, happened on the Losar day, 24th February, 2020
Today, on this auspicious occasion of the first day of Tibetan new year “Losar”, the year of the  Iron Rat,  a prosperous year filled with growth,  I would like to make the announcement of my monkhood ordination.

Tashi Norbu as a Monk
a Lhabri
An Artist
A Founder of the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art

I was ordained with the name “Tashi Norbu” by Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche who is considered to belong to the legendary sacred Sky Dancers of Tibet”.   I was inspired by Rinpoche, in my whole life, thus I paint the Sky Dancers or the Flying Monks and Nuns. These are my “Time Travelers” depicted on my paintings. I was ordained as a Thangka Painter, by the previous reincarnation of Bokar Rinpoche.

My intuition told me, that one day later in the years I would become a monk, engaging myself into the path taught by the Buddha, meditating and putting his words into practice. As the eldest son of the family, but also being familiar with this idea, I had to accompany my two younger brothers at their age of 8, into monastic life in Tibetan Monasteries of India”.

Tashi’s life from 4 years, until his 18, was spent in a Tibetan School in India and Bhutan, where he was ordained as a Buddhist practitioner being intensively taught Buddha’s doctrines and philosophy besides his general educational school studies. From 19 to 21 years of age, he was studying at Monastic environments, such as Sherabling, the residence of the 11th Tai Situ Rinpoche, Founder of the 17th Karmapa who was recognized by HH Dalai Lama. Tashi had wonderful conversations with Tai Situ Riponche regarding Art, as Riponche was also a Painter, yet he issued a book over his contemporary Art.
“I was inspired by Rinpoche, in my whole life, thus I paint the Sky Dancers or the Flying Monks and Nuns. These are my “Time Travelers” depicted on my paintings. I was ordained as a Thangka Painter, by the previous reincarnation of Bokar Rinpoche.''
Until his 25 years of age Tashi followed Buddhist dialectics in Dharamsala. He was also painting along with other Tibetan Thangha Painters in the Monastery Tai Situ Rinpoche dedicated until now, to the Art of painting Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. At the monastery during his two years, he had the great chance to experience and share monastic life with monks, teaching them English at the same time. He has also worked as a Thangka Painter under HH 14th Dalai Lama’s private office. Tashi recalls his mother’s family story that his grandpa, was going once a week into trans and into another dimension, in order to serve those beings who were lost in “Bardo”; He was always telling Tashi “one day you will be a Lhabri” (he who paints gods).
Ordained with the name “Tashi Norbu” by Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche, photo above.
Tashi’s monastic kind of life, ended at his 25 when he came to the West; where he became a contemporary Tibetan Artist. Although he blends the traditional with the modern, his paintings still teach enlightenment and the path to Buddha hood . They are filled with magical tales, colorful imagery, presenting valuable insight into the living quality of Tibetan Buddhism . Tashi has been fascinated by making recitations, being so creative at his “Tibetan Mantra Lounge” something which, according to tradition, is not allowed to be performed by a non monk. But Tashi did perform it, meditating along with his audience, viewers and Art lovers, finding in this way the calmness of their inner self. And he travels to the four continents, reciting Tibetan mantras and giving live painting performances.
Having tasted all aspects of life, Tashi is now conscious of his decision, to dedicate himself in the monkhood, being engaged in Buddhism yet transmitting to the world his artistic activities: painting Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, giving live painting performances, Mandala festivals, Tibetan Mantra Lounges, workshops on how to make a Buddha, benefiting all sentient beings through the purpose of art as a communication means within the higher realms. Marking at the same time the unique ethnic cultural Tibetan Art and confirming the dominant tropes of Tibetan Buddhism in the West, where the practice in Buddhism is part of Tibet’s cultural heritage and asset.
Tashi has now become a Tibetan Buddhist Monk due to his strong belief that this is a unique way to walk on this path as an Artist along with all, he is willing to offer through his Art; in order to deepen people’s understanding and help them realize their merits and virtues. For, his paintings touch the mind, the soul, the consciousness. He talks about his depictions to the world and explains his Artworks with reference to the Buddha’s teachings and theories. Determined to live a life entirely devoted to the goal to help all sentient beings to overcome their sufferings that inherently exist inside them and cope with their general insecurity of all conditioned phenomena.
A life that carries a deep responsibility of self and others and lots of sacrifices in order to become a Buddha and get enlightened. A meaningful and worthwhile way for Tashi to spend his life being of benefit to his environment and talk about the preservation of the Tibetan Art and Culture into the world. Hence, his Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art, in Emmen, The Netherlands. A place where West meets East; where his Live Painting Performances along with Tibetan mantra lounges empower his paintings and transform them into a true embodiment of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas; where the traditions, rituals, philosophical view draw inspirations; and here is when Artist’s mind clicks, devoted to compassion and endless services to others.
Tashi Norbu’s was  ordained  as a Monk by H.E. Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche  too  and he was given the name Karma Choeying Tashi.

Above is H.E. Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche Tashi’s Tibetan Buddhist master. Riponche has received teachings from over forty masters and he has authored fifteen books on subjects of Tibetan Buddhism and culture.
He is a Chod Master, Shamanistic healer, Artist and Astrologer as well as being the founder of Heruka Institute and author of 13 books, he crossed the Himalayas from Tibet to India on foot in 1994. He moved to Seattle in 2002 and has taught Buddhism and Tibetan culture around the world since then. His gripping autobiography, A Modern Liberation Odyssey, Handbook for Half-Buddhas and Tibetan Zen are available. 

Tashi has also been ordained by a Female Vulnerable nun of Tibetan Buddhism who is in a Dharamsala Monastery and advises and supports him too in his path.

The painting below is dedicated with love and compassion by the Tibetan Artist and Monk  Tashi Norbu, to all Museum friends and visitors.

At these tough times for all, the Tibetan Artist and monk Tashi Norbu dedicates to all his Museum friends and visitors, the image of  MEDICINE BUDDHA. is  the King of Lapis lazuli and blue sapphire Light, the fully realized destroyer of all defilements who eliminates sickness and death, who brings peace in mind and fills you all with confidence and hopes!

Tashi Norbu's painting at the “Buddhadharma” Practioner’s quarterly Spring 2020 magazine
-Shambhala Publication  and Lion’s Roar-

Tashi Norbu’s painting with article, published at the Buddha Dharma /Shambhala Publication  and Lion’s Roar, the most famous magazines in the American Buddhist community.
Artist’s painting at the Spring edition magazine  “self immolation”
Tashi Norbu motivated by his contemporary perception, presents a human in a meditative posture, focused on the present moment surrounded and marked by flames of intense heat. The fire reflects to a state of purification.    And now a mystical journey begins, as human is passing through flames to burn away his ignorance, leaving behind the wisdom mind.
In an exceptional way, Artist emphasizes, that by means of symbolic fire, understanding of supreme reality,  may be attained.  He uses brilliant red vermillion from his pallet to represent the light of wisdom, illuminating the darkness of ignorance. Mixed media on canvas.  1,30 x 1,80

Update - Tashi Norbu

Spring has begun and  our Artistic Director  happens to be in US for  Museum Artistic Activities, focused in mystical  spaces of California such as Napa Valley, Sonoma, Encinitas, Borrego Springs.
Welcoming  the Tibetan Artist  at Sonoma  where in future   will be creating events spread out over two weeks,  inspired art projects, meditation evenings, sacred texts  and tattooing.  Pieces of Art as the one above will be on displayed.  Picture with a Tattoo Artist at Sonoma valley.
At Lux Institute Encinitas
With two Argentinian Artists at Lux Art Intitute.  A beautiful and well curated space that usually displays art by various Artists in residence, around the world.
In Encinitas
Painting next to the Ocean at Swami’s Seaside Park. In March, Encinitas, CA at the most beautiful view point. 
The Artist is painting a Buddhas meditating in the waters of the Ocean on a canvas covered with sacred Sanskrit scriptures. Water in Buddhism symbolizes purity and clarity reminding us to cleanse our minds and attain the state of purity. The waves are soothing, and each time a new wave of oceanwater approaches the Earth, it carries healing energy,  while ocean salt purifies our physical self.
At a gathering with talks and lecture about Tibetan Buddhism and Art. In March, Encinitas, CA
In Borrego Springs

A wonderful event with the Resonance Code, Denise Mark Paradise and Anne O'Connor and Team who organized it. At Borrego Springs Branch Library. 

Live Painting Performance and Tibetan Mantra Lounge at the brand new Public Library of Borrego Springs .   Interacting with public and  performing together   with Mark and Denise of TheResonance Code.   
Tibetan Calligraphy tattoo on Mark’s hand (a great Museum friend) made by Tashi, in Borrego Springs

Please stay tuned. 
Thank you all of you dear friends for your time to read our April 2020 Newsletter.  Your interest and support to our Museum,  give us strength  to carry on with our mission.
Editor/Art Critic- Leela Skitsa

Thank you for reading our News Letter.  Please Stay “tuned” with us for all happenings and events of Tashi Norbu and Team from the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art, Rensenpark, Emmen.

Warm regards
Tashi Norbu and Team of the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art

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